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At Complete Computing, you can have confidence in my objectivity.  I do not sell hardware or software.  I sell my time.  That's IT (no pun intended)!    

I help clients with hardware in two ways:  either repairing existing hardware or assisting in acquiring new hardware.  When the decision to repair is greater than the decision to buy, I recommend purchasing hardware.  I assist in identifying what hardware is needed, what are the costs and what are the best places to purchase the hardware.  I install the new hardware and transfer all the data.  I install applications and set up printers and network, if necessary.  

Whether it is installing, upgrading, repairing, or training, we assist clients in all areas of software except programming.  If you need programming services, we can refer you to several other vendors who specialize in customized software programming.

We install accounting software, but we DO NOT SET up your company in the software. We recommend you hire a trained professional for that service.  Accounting is NOT something to try to learn on your own.

I support Windows and MAC networks.  I install both cabled and wireless networks.  I work with Star Telecommunications ( for our telephone and data cabling services.   I design, implement and support networks for up to 25 users.  I believe once you exceed 25 users, the time requirements for an IT person almost necessitate hiring an IT employee, or looking at alternative strategies, such as the "cloud."

I work with organizations that have multiple locations and therefore have moved to the "cloud."  This has been easy, inexpensive, and has provided a great way for a small business to keep control over documents and marketing materials.  Contact me for more information on the cloud.

Mobile Computing

I help business and individuals determine what type of devices best support their mobile computing needs . . . a Blackberry, an iPhone, a Droid phone, etc.  Once the device is selected, we help users configure the device to work with their email and other professional or personal services.

Vinyl Conversion
Do you have records that that never made it to CD? Have you ever wanted to take your vinyl on a jog with you, or have it on CD in your car? I can help you by digitalizing and converting your vinyl albums into MP3s. We also offer conversion of other Audio files to MP3, or other file types upon request.

I can provide formal training courses or one-on-one training, depending on what is needed.  I provide training in hardware, software and networking services. 

Disaster Recovery
I help organizations prepare for catastrophic events so that even if structures are lost, data is recoverable.  Questions to ask yourself are:  how long can I afford to be without technology?  How much data can I afford to lose?  One day?  Two weeks?  Where will I set up operations if I cannot go to the office?  How will I communicate with my clients and staff?

I can help you answer these questions and address many more issues surrounding disaster recovery.