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Important Things To Know About Your Technology

If you have a computer and/or an Internet connection, the following are some important things to have on hand.  If you would like more information, please contact me at  

Your CDs to recover your PC in the event of a failure. Most PCs either come with recovery DVDs or a recovery partition. You usually get the option to make CDs/DVDs from the recovery partition.  I recommend you do this if you have not. If your hard drive fails, you will need these CDs/DVDs. 
2.  Your ISP information . . who is your ISP and what is your account information for your Internet connection? How are you connected? If it is DSL, who is your provider? Qwest? Earthlink? What is the DSL phone number and your account information? You will receive this with your connection information. If it is Comcast, what is your account user name and password?
3.  If you have a website, what is your administrative account information for your domain name AND for your web hosting.
4.  What is your email account user name and password?  
5.  What are your email settings?
6.  Backup strategy - how are your  backing up and can you restore what you back up?

There are many other things, but the above is the beginning of a partial list of the things to have on-hand.  It will save you money in the future on trouble-shooting time.